Open (and Shut)

The 5-week competition/slog/drama/party/inspiring saga that is the Crossfit Open (v. 2015 , natch) has come and gone. Differently this year for moi, however, was the intentional and direct approach I took to letting all the internal pressure I usually created in the past to just, well, CHILLAX. My goal was to take each workout like just another workout, and most importantly to just have a freakin’ damn good time. That was, and staunchly remains, the biggest reason I do this darn sport, after all.

And guess what?

Central East Worldwide

There it is: 5 weeks of fun; cheering on other people; cheering on myself; successes and misses; surprises and joys; team spirit and #TeamAvengers; and as always, people accomplishing great stuff and pulling feats out of the depths of themselves that they never knew existed. Like I said, inspiring.

And as for me, when all the cards came to rest, despite having just been back to the regular CrossFit Brigade programming for the past year or so and no real extra training, I still managed to squeeze out a top 2% performance in both my region and the world. I would have been truly pleased with wherever I landed this year, but this makes it all the more satisfying. It solidifies for me that all the work and time I’ve put in over these last 5 years of CrossFit has clearly made me stronger, healthier, more skilled, and more resistant. I truly know now that I’ll be able to carry over the results of this work for the rest of my life, in some fashion or another.

Cheers to another great Open season, everyone! 🙂


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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