State of the Union

Greetings and salutations, salut et bonjour, yo and what’s the haps.

Let’s just start this all up again, shall we? Good? Good.


I made some cute things in 2014, including a pair of socks of which I do not have any pictures (but they were made with a wonderfully smooshy hand-painted sock yarn, in a colorway that when finished, made the socks kind of look like Big Bird’s feet. Unintentional, but the recipient seemed tickled pink regardless).

Items I did end up photographing were as follows:

A L’illo sweater for my new nephew, Oliver.

The lovely Meagan serving as a clothes hanger

The lovely Meagan serving as a clothes hanger

You may indeed notice when clicking on the link above, that the original pattern was executed in a much more typical baby color of light blue. Knowing the heritage and stock that this new little person is produced from, however, I contemplated the universe and came to the conclusion that this little fellow would not be a smooshy baby only, but nay, most assuredly a gentleman and a scholar, one whom surely would appreciate donning a garment of a dark green tweed/brown colorway, perfect to wear whilst giving lectures on string theory and cognitive dissonance. Or maybe I just wanted to make him look like Mr. Rogers.

Also, the wee wooden buttons have sheep on them, natch.

Next up, a Drop-Stitch Cowl for my sis Andrea for Christmas:

drop-stitch cowl

(Modeled by yours truly)

This one was easy and super fun to knit. I also thought it fitting that Andrea had actually purchased the yarn for this one for me a few years ago, so in a way you could say I was regifting. Call me cheap 😉

I also banged out a pair of French Press Felted Slippers for my sis-in-law, Nikkii, and I was pleased as punch about how these turned out. You see, I had never felted anything before, and while I purchased this pattern years ago and was sort of saving it until I thought my skills had caught up to my creative desires, I was tempting fate a bit waiting until I had no time to lose to whip these up. But sure enough, I gave it a go, felted the crap out out them until they got small enough to fit a leprechaun Nikki’s feet, and beep bop boop, slippers!


In action on my feet

In action on my feet

At the moment, my current project is a Dr. Who scarf and for those of you that know what that means, you might imagine I have quite a ways to go before I am finished. You would be correct.


I have vacillated this year between working out feverishly to compete at a high level in CrossFit (think 6 days a week, often twice a day), to dropping off to a nearly alien frequency of only three times a week period, trying to gain muscle, trying to gain weight, trying to lose fat, etc. 2014 was a year of some mental trials, but I am happy to say that I think I have landed in a place with my fitness and health where I am mentally the happiest I have been in some time, and it feels so much better. For me, this amounts to around 4 days a week of CrossFit, just the regular box programming, sprinkled in with some shadow boxing/kickboxing, and infrequent jogs. While I am still quite cardio-strong and can kick butt in metcons, I have noticed a decline in my absolute strength in the big lifts. Regardless, I am still a stud and can hang with the badasses at the gym (usually ;)). Most importantly, I am having FUN!


Basically, 2014 was the year of YUM. Buying new items (chicken feet, anyone?), trying at-home versions of my fav restaurant foods (Tom Kha Gai soup, OMG), and relaxing a bit on the paleo (holy HELL I forgot how much I love rice and oatmeal. Not together) has been part and parcel with my more relaxed attitude towards the fitness piece. I am as of today going to dial it back in again after the holidays (which were spent in Chicago, and I am fairly certain one day in there I ate my weight in deep-dish pizza) and working towards a certain physique, but it’s nothing crazy and it will be easy to do. I really love cooking, y’all; eating healthy would be so frickin’ hard if you didn’t like to be in the kitchen, just saying.


I am learning to be my own best cheerleader. I am learning to love myself with more audacity and consistency. I am finding out that I CAN do what I need to do to make myself happy. And I am finding out that, if I have a seemingly terrible topic to breach with someone I care about, if I sit and stew with it until my belly is filled with snakes and I feel sick every time I think about it, if I take a huge breath, and just SAY IT because I know the outcome will make me happier in life, even if it may end up hurting someone else…

…sometimes, just sometimes, the outcome of that leap of faith and trust in my own feelings may very well end up being not a sad end, but a renewed step forward, and a optimistic view of what may become. And THAT, my friends, was unexpected indeed.

And on that note…

I am late to the party on this one, as I didn’t have an end of 2014 post this year, so in anticipation of 2015 full of life and personal growth,

May your food be primal and delicious, your workouts be fulfilling and challenging, and your knit projects be snag-free!


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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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