Today, I laced up my shoes and set out for a jog, Daft Punk in earbuds, slowly pacing and letting the beats match my footfalls as the pavement passed behind me.

I rarely run more than a mile in my daily routine, and often then it’s chunked up into 400 m increments. 400 m, kettlebell swings. 400 m, pull-ups. 400 m, overhead squats with a barbell. And the like.

Today, I laced up my shoes and just moved at a constant, deliberate speed.

Using the wintry air to both get in and out of my head. Thoughts coming and reflections going with every breath. Every so often a whoosh of an exhale, mindfully pushing stress and tension into the atmosphere, and inhaling clean oxygen, fueling my blood cells and my brain.

Today, I laced up my shoes, and took off on a “Let’s see how far I get” sort of run, that turned into, “One more block I guess,” and then, “Just up this hill…and then that next hill, I suppose,” and then turning about-faced when finally at the top of those crests, and seeing how far I had come, and the acme of Lookout Mountain far in the distance, stretching its gaze down onto the path I had snaked with my strides.

Today, I laced up my shoes and ran. When I got home I saw I had gone nearly 6 miles.

And I ran the whole freakin way.

~happy new year~


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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