What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

Twas the weekend before Christmas, when all in my abode,
I was rushing and packing and on super knit mode.
I was geared up for a long drive to family so dear,
and visions of this stunner would sure soon appear.

What a hottie. She gets it from her older sis, clearly.

What a hottie. She gets it from her older sis, clearly.

I filled up the car with trinkets and toys,
some for the girls and some for the boys.

(A tiny interlude in the midst of this tale,
but I had to show off this most cutest female
baby clothing I made, for a dear friend’s new kid;
I was pressed to finish it but I’m so glad I did.)

Baby knits

When I arrived at the house I was jumping with glee,
for at the door waiting was hot mama and baby!

Happy baby

Mama and baby

X-Mas eve was upon us, when all in her bed,
little Elliot dreamt of soccer balls flying ’round her head.


Now Carly, now Michael, now Elliot three;
what gracious hosts and a lovely little family!

Family thumb sucking

When I in my PJs and presents all wrapped,
had just settled down with a nice strong nightcap,
when there at the door there arose such a bang,
I slammed down the drink and then up I sprang.

T’was Oma! And Gramps! From far away Maine!
(and yes, that’s my mama, of Masters CrossFit fame.)



elle gramps

On the day of the Yule we all created a feast,
even if I did get my hand stuck up a beast.
(And pardon you must for my stringy-ass hair,
but I’m pretty sure I lost my hair tie up there.)

Lissa Mike

silly mike lissa

Three generations of ladies!

Three generations of ladies!

We ate very hearty, drank lots and spoke long,
and even had time for a good photobomb.

High chair baby



Gramps read us a story,
we got ready for bed,
and Mike even found a crown
for his gigantic head!

night before xmas

Mike crown

We all snuggled in and the very next day,
I was so very excited to give knitwear away!

The gloves were a hit,


the infinity scarf a hoot,


and there even were sightings of some wee tiny fruit!

fruit 2

Fruit 1

Even Windsor the dog got in on the gag,
and luckily Elle had a purse for all of her swag.

elle winnie


The holiday was restful, and made me recall
what I love and hold dear on this earth above all.

Family, friends, good cheer, and good eats,
love, my knitting, and tiny little feet.


It was over too quickly, but a wonderful break.
A long drive to PA that I was happy to make.

And as I got in my car and drove back to the South,
“Merry Christmas to all…ELLE! NOT IN YOUR MOUTH!”



About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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2 Responses to What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

  1. Carly says:


    (And laugh and giggle and miss you! This is fabulous!)

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