…and did I just see a tumbleweed roll by?

Hi all.

Yeah, it’s April.

We’ll leave it at that.


-Learning to play the cello. It’s always been on my “bucket list” as it were, and has long been my favorite instrument. I find myself in a position in my life time-wise and finance-wise where this is now a feasible dream, so I’ve grabbed it. It’s been only about 2 months but I am enjoying it immensely, and have slowly made progress. Boyfriend is encouraging but the kittehs peace out whenever I start playing, so I think they might be more honest about my abilities! 😉

-The 2013 CrossFit Opens came and went, and while unfortunately I did not do as well as I had hoped (and my team did not make regionals; sad-face McGee), I am overall content with my performance. I finished individually at 132nd out of roughly 2300 ladies in my region, which puts me in the top 6% of Open finishers this year in the Central East. I’ll take that, I guess!

I am stronger, faster, and have more explosive power than I ever have. I have been CrossFitting for over three years now, and an L1-Cert Coach for over 2. CrossFit sometimes feels to me like it takes up too much of my life, but at the same time I love all my friends and the camaraderie we have at the gym, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Also, my mom is still a BAMF and is going back to the Games in the 55-59 Masters Women’s category. Going for the gold this year, baby! 🙂

-Speaking of the gym, we’re currently in the middle of a Whole 30 Paleo challenge. Super strict, and I over one week in and I am feeling fantastic. Clean, not bloated, energetic (I even skipped the gym Monday to go for a 5K run in the sunshine. ON PURPOSE. I know, whaa??), and satisfied with my food. I’ve lost 3 pounds in 1 week without even trying, and I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of the month.

-Knitting-wise I’ve made it past my annual holy-crap-that-was-a-lot-of-Christmas-knitting-I-need-like-three-months-off and am back in the swing of making things. My most awesomest thing to report on this front is that I finally sat down with a good friend of mine, Dana, and had her show me how to do Fair Isle knitting, which is the type of knitting with multiple colors that can make patterns like snowflakes and such. Success! All these years knitters in the know had told me that “OMG you can do lace knitting like it’s your job, color-work is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier than that!” but until I had some time and someone to sit down with me and show me how to do it, it always was right out of reach. Amazingly, there are some things even the interwebs can’t solve; you just need a friend sometimes!

Overall, reflecting where I am as of this date, I find myself able to do things that I would never have been able to do last year physically, I am in a healthy place both mind and body, and I am making more solid, constructive plans for my future. I’m not 100% content with everything in my life, but I am seeing a path forward to make changes to get to where I ultimately want to be.

Things are looking good from where I stand at the moment! How about you?


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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One Response to …and did I just see a tumbleweed roll by?

  1. Marta says:

    How exciting – sounds like life is amazing right now. Can’t wait to hear you play a cello – good for you! Get Ian to pick up the violin again! It’s always nice to have company. Looking forward to seeing all your knitting projects at some point, too. Great to see you writing again, too. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all. What a terrific woman you are. So grateful to have you in our world. Love-

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