Where in the World is Lissa???

Happy November y’all!

Hooray! I did it! I went a whole month without posting.  And by hooray I actually mean, CRAP. Because that was not my intent, of course.

I am glad to say, however, that mostly it’s because I’ve been be-bopping around and my days have been full to the point when I get home and cook dinner and eat, well, I am usually bone-tired and don’t feel like sitting down and composing something for the blog that isn’t super boring. Like this post.

Anyhoo, I’ll use today as a quick updates post:

1. Food: STILL ON THE 9-WEEK PALEO CHALLENGE, oy, this is a long time. Boyfriend and I are doing pretty well, banging out the workouts as well as being very good with our cheats. And very good meaning not often, and when they do happen, they are yummy and not actually that bad. AKA a slice of cheese, and maybe an extra glass of wine. A latte with sugar-free syrup. Maybe even some butter on my sweet potatoes!

1a.   Full-disclosure: Halloween did happen. Candy was in my house. We had no trick or treaters. You do the math.

1b.  Tomorrow is my birthday, and I like wine and cheese. A Lot. Do more math.

1c.   Body composition: I have most definitely slimmed out a bit from this challenge. I am now comfortably in a size-four jean (first time EVER! Or maybe since I was 7 or something), when I was hovering on the 4/6 threshold when we started. I can see the outlines of my abs, and my arms are less massive and a little more ripped. The best part? The scale hasn’t changed, like, AT ALL. Still 135 lbs, even half a dress size later. So, I get to be more buff and lean, but just as powerful since my weight is the same? SCORE.

2.  CrossFit: Making gains as far as most everything goes. I had plateau’ed a while back when my gym was structuring our workouts based around a lifting-heavy (or is that heavy lifting?) training philosophy called Outlaw, and for as strong and beefy as this made many folks, for me it was not the right thing. I didn’t get any gains for nearly six months in the heavy lifts, and I was bored bored bored. We’ve now switched to a blended style of CrossFit Mainsite, Outlaw, and CrossFit New England programming (the latter being lots and lots of bodyweight stuff). Finally I have started seeing improvements again, and I am having fun, too.  In just the last month I have performed a real muscle-up (yay!), mastered the chest to bar pull-up (still need to work on stringing together more than 5 in a row), and have felt I’ve made big strides in solidifying my toes-to-bar and handstand pushup work.  I think back to where I was at the Opens, and then Regionals last year, and now think about how far I’ve come and how content I feel with my abilities heading into this year. While I think making Regionals as an individual will always be a stretch (although I only missed it by 48 spots last year out of 2400!), I am feeling confident and excited as we roll towards Opens 2013. Goals: Muscle-ups, times 1,000. Need to have those solidly in the bag before February. I’ve got a little time.

3.  Mood: Better, much better than I was back a few months ago. I am still not 100% happy all the time, but who the hell is? Fall/Winter are definitely seasons in which I miss Maine the most, and so I’m still a grumpy gills sometimes, but it’s bummed out grumpiness, not life-consuming despair that I was stuck in up until recently.

Interestingly enough, the upcoming Presidential election has added a wee bit of funk to my mood. Not inasmuch due to all of the campaigning and tension and attack ads (another reason I am so thankful we don’t have TV: no commercials!!!), but mostly because for the first time in the 11 years I’ve been able to vote, I feel like my voice really doesn’t matter this time around. I’ve never been in the situation where I feel like my vote is pointless due to the local political climate. Electoral college, pah. I am done with you.

3a. (SPOILER ALERT: REFERENDUM RANT) I am also bummed that I am not in Maine to vote in an historical election to hopefully secure marriage equality for all Maine citizens. My Maine readers, if you are registered to vote and have a wonderful LGBTQ person in your life, believe in equality, or if you a just a fan of love and want to look back happily in 50 years about being on the right side of history, then please take time out of your busy day on Tuesday to go and vote Yes on Question 1. Even if that is the only reason you go to the polls; even if you don’t want to cast a vote for President because you are sickened by politics/indifferent/hungover/insert pithy reason here, this important issue affects us all. This is not about politics. This is not about religion (churches are still free of course to marry/not marry whomever they want). It is about extending the legal, Constitutionally-supported equal treatment to marry in the eyes of the State, a right that is currently being withheld from a subset of Mainers just because some people find gay marriage icky, and I think we all can agree that’s just a silly reason to base a law upon. I want my sister to be able to marry her wife in the state she where she grew up, and be afforded therein all the full and legal rights and benefits as a married couple that my other sisters have with their husbands. The time for marriage equality is now, Maine. Let’s DO THIS THING.

4.  Knitting: Ah yes, that lovely time of year where Christmas knitting goes into overdrive. OMG! Luckily I only have 4 presents to complete this time around, and I’m halfways done with two, so I’m in good shape. The only problem is that one of the “halfs” took me, like, 2 months, and dudes, I ain’ts gots 2 months left until Christmas. Le sigh. Sleep, I’ll see you in 2013. This also means of course that I can’t show any pictures of what I’m knitting, for fear of peeps seeing the surprise. You’ll just have to trust me 🙂

There we go! Happy November to all, dig out your mittens, and stay warm!


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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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