Finished Object: Honey Cowl

So I raced home after the gym because I had juuuuuust enough sunlight where I knew we could get some good shots of a finished knit piece! (Thank you Ian for taking pictures, even though I am too “editorial” with your shots, apparently).  Those of you from the gym may recognize this. It’s what I’ve been calling my “purse knitting,” since you know, I carry it around in my purse. Clever, huh?! 😛

The pattern is Honey Cowl, a quintessential “purse” pattern in that it’s easy memorize and hard to get lost. I would do a few rows here (waiting for the WOD to start), a few rows there (BBQs, pub trivia, Mythbusters marathons), and after lots of time and delicious, mindless knitting, poof, it was done! The pattern is so easy, and its simple alternating slip-stitch rhythm makes for a lovely texture and design with minimal effort.

Plus you can look like you’re coming to America, check:


Pattern: Honey Cowl

Needle: 26″ Bamboo circular, US size 8

Yarn: Manos Del Uruguay, Silk/Merino blend, in the inspiringly-named colorway “3110.”
This yarn kicks butt. (Fair trade AND artisanal! The woman who dyed/wove my yarn is named Rosa. Yes, she signed the label 🙂 )

I ended up using 3 skeins, which is kind of a lot (read: expensive) but the overall effect is that this cowl is strong, supremely warm, and nice and squooshy due to the silk.

It’s also wicked fierce.

Next stop, the runways of Paris! 😛

Honey Cowl


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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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5 Responses to Finished Object: Honey Cowl

  1. saramcevoy1 says:

    i LOVE it!!! so chic ❤

  2. Trish says:

    Gorgeous colors! 🙂

  3. kalfury says:

    This is really lovely, lovely colours and lovely texture. These are becoming really popular in the UK, you may just have convinced me to try making one X

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