Central East Regionals Wrap

This past weekend I had a fun, sore, exhilarating, exhaustive, and inspiring time at the Central East CrossFit Regionals in Columbus, OH as a Teams competitor. For three full days I was WOD’ing next to near some of the best in the world, such as the likes of Julie Foucher, Rich Froning, Michelle Kinney, Dan Bailey, Lindsey Smith, and Graham Holmeberg.

See? Dan Bailey!

(Never mind the fact that Em looks gorgeous and I look like I haven’t showered in 2 days…oh, wait…)

Seeing these folks in action makes me excited for next year and where I could be with my fitness 365 days from now.

On the team side of things, we did quite well, ranking in at 17th out of 29.

My team won a heat, kicked serious butt at 70- and 100-lb one-armed snatches, and just generally did awesome at all that was thrown our way. We worked great together, and I’m glad we put in the time practicing that we did. In event 4, heat 1, we got even got some serious air-time on ESPN3 (right after “The Ocho” :P).  As my friend Anthony said, who was kind enough to grab this screencap for me, how many people get to double thumbs-up the ESPN camera?
Aka, who has two thumbs and is on ESPN? This guy!

I am such a dork 😛

It was great to be able to see how far we’d already come, as well as how far we still have to go for 2013. Bring it!

Ice baths, my new favorite recovery method! 😛

Emily, the co-owner of the gym, who went as an individual, also kicked ass and took names. She won her heat of the named WOD “Diane” and got some dedicated ESPN coverage herself. It was amazing to be able to watch her go against these incredible women and beat them. Go Emily!

What the Regionals taught me: well, if I don’t know how to do a specific movement very well/at all (read: HSPU, pistols) all it takes apparently is the threat of my team getting a DNF to buckle down and learn them. Maybe I should program competitions each weekend all throughout the year so all I can do is continue to learn or lose? 🙂

All in all, what an amazing experience! I felt like a VIP, and in some ways I suppose I was, but I also definitely caught myself thinking from time to time holy cow, they LET ME IN HERE??? ARE THEY NUTS??? Next year I’ll have muscle-ups in my toolbox, just you wait!

Finally, for anyone who wants to check it out, below is the link to the heat of the WOD my team won, and the one that made me need the ice bath in the first place; watch and you’ll understand! 🙂

Team WOD 4, Heat 1 (Saturday)


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