Games Update!

Whew, I’m starting to fall into that rut again of not posting enough, but I’ve been busy for a reason that I will reveal in a few weeks. Gotta get some things in order first!

Also in the Lissa’s life news, Week 2 and Week 3 of the CrossFit Opens have already flown by. Yikes, only two weeks left! I need to bring my A-game! πŸ™‚

Recap of Week 2: Workout was a 10-minute AMRAP of SNATCHES, my favorite. You started at 45 lbs, and did 30, then switched to 75 lbs, and did 30, and then switched to 100 lbs, and did 30, and so on. I only had time to get through 18 of the 100-lb reps, for 78 total, but that was a great score that I was very happy with, and it bumped me up quite a bit in the standings from the previous week:

Individual standing, regional, after week 2: 59th

CrossFit Brigade team standing, regional, after week 2: 14th

Recap of Week 3: Workout was an 18-minute AMRAP of 15 box jumps (20″), 12 shoulder-to-overhead (75 lbs, and I did straight jerks the whole time), and 9 toes to bar. Whew, that one sucked! I got 7 rounds plus 6 box jumps, which actually TIED my sister, how cool is that? πŸ™‚ This was also the first workout that I only did once, because even though my score wasn’t so hot, I really didn’t think I could have gone much faster. If I had done it again, the only strategizing I would have enacted would have been to step down on all my box jumps instead of jumping down, and really making an effort to keep my shoulder-to-overheads in 2 sets or fewer (I had to do 4 sets of 3 towards the end).

A cool note about this WOD: we took a Brigade field trip to CrossFit Cookeville, where last year’s “Fittest Man on Earth” Rich Froning, and other beastly athlete, Dan Bailey, train. Got to meet them and hang a little bit, a neat experience. It was also very cool doing the WOD there simply because since most of our judges were people we didin’t know, they expected nothing from us and so it was not intimidating at all.

Individual standing, regional, after week 2: 103rd

CrossFit Brigade team standing, regional, after week 2: 22nd

Now we just need to hold on as a team to stay in that top 30!!!

Lots more to come at a late post regarding my father coming to visit, knitting pictures, and that news I was talking about earlier, but for now there you are. Week 4 starts tomorrow, wish us luck!


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