Buck. Furpees.

So the Opens! They’re here!
The CrossFit Opens are the precursor to the CrossFit Regionals, which are a precursor to the CrossFit Games, held in Los Angeles in July. This year, worldwide, nearly 68,000 athletes have registered to compete in the games. For 5 weeks, the HQ will be posting a workout that we all will have no more than 4 days to complete. We submit our scores, and then we’re ranked against our region, our gender, and the rest of the world. Also, there is a team aspect and the top three men’s and women’s scores combine for the ‘Team Score’ of that week.

The first workout of the Opens was a doozy, but also a brilliant marketing ploy, in my mind, to get as many people registered as possible for the Games. The reason I think so? It was 100% able to be performed by anyone. Observe:

Workout # 1:

AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) in 7 minutes of:


Burpees are a movement where you throw yourself to the ground like a pushup gone wrong, and then have to clamber up and for some odd reason, clap your hands above your head while doing a little jump. Only for this workout, we had to measure something that was 6” above our standing reach height and then jump and hit that, which added a little bonus suck.

I personally think they should change the name of these from “Burpees” to “Barfies” but whatever. I’se don’t makes da rulz, yo.

 I did it once on Thursday, and then once again on Sunday, just under the wire (we have to submit our scores by 8 PM Sunday for them to count). Thursday I did very well, getting 96 burpees, or just under 14 a minute. I was shooting for 100 though, so I did it again and got 103! J

I also think I’m allergic to burpees because immediately following the much harder 103, I started sneezing non-stop and now have a cold. Ah well, I’ll take a little sniffle if my scores remain high!

Even better, this score helped my team to 21st place out of 114 in our region (the top 30 advance), and myself to 135th place out of 1194 in my region (the top 60 advance). Overall, I’m 2312nd in the WORLD out of over 20,000 women.  Not a bad start!

The most important thing I learned from Workout 1: It’s great to strategize and aim for a set number of reps/minute, but sometimes you just need to go balls to the wall and try to kill yourself; you’ll probably get a better score :P.

The fun fact/weird thing I learned from Workout 1: I have freakishly long arms for my body. No, really! My friend Virginia and I are the exact same height, but when we stood next to the mark she was using for her 6” and we both held our arms up, my reach is like 2” above hers! I had to go find my own new space.

Somehow, some way, I will try to capitalize on this newfound body oddity. Quicker cleans, perhaps? 😛


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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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