She knits???

Oh yeah, so you know that whole “box stitch” part of my web address up there? Yah, you know that part that refers to knitting? Well, yes, I am still doing that stuff too, even in the throes of Paleo challenges and lots of CrossFitting.

Speaking of CrossFitting, as an aside I have to show you this funny photo. Sure, I look like I smelled something stanky and it’s a little blurry, but hey, I’ve got great form at least! Wrists curled under, elbows out, up on my toes (take my word on that one), and bar moving close to my body. Nifty!

This one just makes my butt look good 😛

But I digress…

So. Knitting! I was in the mood for something short and sweet as far as knitting goes recently, a little snack if you will. “Mittens will do the trick,” I thought, and I decided on my colleague as the recipient. Being that she’s a former sorority girl of the Chi Omega persuasion, she’s got a thing for owls. And poof, a little searching and I turned up the “Give a Hoot!” mitten pattern. Voila!

The pattern calls to sew the little eye buttons on, but I decided to also sew in a little yellow embroidery thread to make a beak (because otherwise I thought it looked a little too much like a gremlin). These are a CINCH to knit up; start to finish, 6 hours. SIX!!! That may seem like a lot to those of you not four miles deep into CraftyTown, USA, but for those in the know, six hours for a finished object? ACES.

I have lots of yarn left over from these guys too. Who wants the next pair? (And I give preferential treatment to those who might, you know, actually need mittens, aka, probably not living in Chattanooga. I can be easily bought, however 😛 )

Lastly, I don’t know if I announced this but Ian, Ted, and I welcomed a new addition to our family: meet Fern!

She’s a 1.5-year-old shelter kitteh, who apparently was a stray. She’s adapted very nicely to having a brother. Ted took a little more turning around, but he’s a fan, I think. What do you think T?

OK, well….I’ll take that as a yes. 😛


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