Sometimes a little perspective is all it takes.

Yesterday we did Fran (see my benchmarks and this post for more info to get caught up). I got 5:53 Rx. I PR’ed. I was pissed.

Today we did overhead squats, finding our 3 rep max, which was heavier than my previous 1 rep max, and I found a new 1 rep max of 154 lbs, which was heavier than my previous 1RM by nearly 20 lbs. I was happy.

And here’s why. Overhead squats, back squats, front squats, well, these are all in what you would call my “wheelhouse.” IE, these are things that I usually succeed at with a little effort because my short, muscled body with a low center of gravity and tree-trunk thighs help me to stabilize with heavy weights in the air when I’m down in a squat (my friend Randy commented today that I was “built to squat,” and he’s right). On days like today, I am calm, excited, and know that I will either match or better my previous records or PRs.

Fran, a metcon involving pullups and thrusters, makes me want to vomit during the hours leading up to the workout, not to mention immediately after. I hadn’t done the thing since June, and after lots of work on my butterfly pullups and getting some nifty weight lifting shoes, I still only managed to take a stinkin’ 6 seconds off my time. I was so mad at myself, I had to go take a moment outside, away from everyone. What the heck man? All this improvement, all this hard work, and a measly 6 SECONDS???

I came back in, and after composing myself, had a little chat with another member.

“So, didja PR?” he asked, eagerly.

Glumly, I replied a quick, “Yes, but [insert generic excuse or complaint or Debbie Downer  comment here].”

He looked at me askance and said, “Well, a PR is a PR. You should still take it.”

And he was right. And I will. Even though I’m going to always have a fight or flight response to Fran, I will grudingly and happily take any and all PRs I can get. It’s the only way I’ll get better, after all. Thanks West, for your perspective.

Ahem. Now that that’s out of the way, 2 other small things:

A) I made some bison jerky last night from ground meat, for boyfriend to take to work to snack on during the day as he is trying hard to gain weight (jerk! 😛 ). Unlike usual, this was not a Lissa-recipe creation, but instead borrowed from Paleo on Main. I just added all my own spices 🙂

Ground Bison (or Beef) Jerky

1-lb ground bison
Spices to taste; salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, onion powder, garlic powder, chipotle powder

Preheat oven to 170.
Mash all ingredients together and then spread on a cookie sheet until very thin, so thin that one pound should actually cover the whole pan (I sort of massaged it and rolled it with my fist).
Put in oven and let bake or dehydrate for 3 hours. Take out, let cool completely, and then tear or cut into strips. Enjoy!

B) I want to give a fellow blog shout-out to some great new bloggers at my gym, who’ve been chronicling their Paleo adventure these past few weeks. So please give these guys some love; they’re really entertaining! 🙂

Our Life in Paleo-A joint venture by Melissa G. and Heidi P.

Dunn-A-Muffin-The witty words of Ali

Have a great weekend everyone, and keep perspective in mind. Like, I of course have the perspective the the Patriots will kick the front teeth in of the Giants this Sunday, but we’ll see. 🙂


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