Paleo Challenge: Top of the 2nd Inning

Paleo Day 5

Hi everyone! For my buddies on the challenge, I hope you’re all hanging in there and staying strong. High fives all around! This is only the beginning, and coming down from our sugar/carb addictions can feel just like a drug detox. Think of this as CA (Carbaholics Anonymous). I can be your sponsor if you like. Ahem.

“Put down that Diet Coke!”

“Hey, hey now, that bagel is not your friend!”

“Think of the children!” (Or something like that.)

By now, you’re probably hitting a wall of blugh. Blugh, as I think of it, can be defined as sluggishness, irritability, and an overwhelming desire to eat more cake in one sitting than you ever have in your life. I hear you, big time, because I have been there, and there were definitely times when all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a giant bag of potato chips and dip, and eat myself into a salty, oily oblivion.

There is a reason to celebrate this feeling, however, and I’ll tell you why: it means your body is changing. You are succeeding! Your gut flora are starting to adapt to processing less sugar, and your metabolic system is running out of excess glucose to draw energy from, and will therefore start going to your body’s fat storages for fuel. Cool huh? Think of it as a good spring cleaning for your system: out with the bad and old, in with the new, pared down you. To continue with that metaphor, yeah, you’ll have your moments of “This spring cleaning is great and all, but I wish I just knew where I put my DAMN SNEAKERS!” but once your body fully adjusts to what you’re giving it, you’ll be amazed at the rewards you will probably receive:

-More energy, and more focus

-Being less hungry all the time (and if you are still hungry, guess what? You need to eat more fat! Yay!)

-No (or less) late-afternoon crashing

-Improved gym performance and recovery

-Better skin

-Tighter, nipped in physique

-Squirrels and birds and other woodland creatures will run out of the wilderness to praise you in song (true story!)

Another benefit of this feeling that you’re having right now (and you should really, truly embrace it), is that it will correlate to you feeling this way a month from now if you go too far off the diet. I mentioned, for example, in my last post that for me, I get a tummy ache when I eat pizza. And when I say tummy ache, I mean the sort of agonizing cramps you get from running too soon after eating, and they usually last for several hours. Not fun. I know that it’s a response to my digestive tract going “Yo, what the crap dude?? “

Pizza is now a nemesis for me, which lets me know that wheat is really the culprit. For you, it might be ice cream. Or perhaps starchy tubers. Or popcorn, even! The point is once you have fully adapted to “clean” eating, your body will know what to do and also tell you when you’re, to use a serious word, poisoning yourself.

Your body is an AMAZING machine; continue to do what you’re doing, detoxing and pushing through, and it will respond in kind and doing amazing things for your life. Think of all the time, money, and effort some people put into their cars, for cryin’ out loud, while neglecting their body completely. You can always get a new car. You only have one body! 🙂


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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3 Responses to Paleo Challenge: Top of the 2nd Inning

  1. annie =) says:

    LOVE this post!
    As for the woodland creatures, tell the squirrels that I’ve put a restraining order out on them. 😉

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