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An Open Letter to My Trainees/Workout Partners/Gym Buddies

Dear CrossFit Friends/Supporters, Thank you. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your drive, your passion, and your willingness to try and (maybe) fail. Thank you for letting me help to guide you along your fitness journey. I learn so much every … Continue reading

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PIZZA! Mamma mia!

Stop the presses, hold the phone, and slap my face and call my shirley, but I ate pizza tonight, and last night too! It was GLORIOUS! And yes, DON’T WORRY, it was paleo. 🙂 Observe (I should totally use this … Continue reading

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Meal Swap! Paleo Shepherd’s Pie!

What a fun event! Some very intrepid CFB gym members, Jaime and Elizabeth, organized and hosted for us a paleo-meals swap this afternoon. Everyone made 12 or so servings of a paleo dish, and then we all got to pick … Continue reading

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Paleo Challenge: Top of the 2nd Inning

Paleo Day 5 Hi everyone! For my buddies on the challenge, I hope you’re all hanging in there and staying strong. High fives all around! This is only the beginning, and coming down from our sugar/carb addictions can feel just … Continue reading

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Paleo Challenge: Round 2!

Or should I say Primal (I can eat cheese? Say no more!) In support of the can-do resolution spirit that takes over so many folks this time of year, CrossFit Brigade is throwing down another nutrition challenge. The one we … Continue reading

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