Wrapping Up

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and all in all it’s just been due to the crazy town that is December.

Christmas came and went, and with it hours of lost sleep, delightful meals, delayed flights, warmth and cheer, Maine temperatures, and Chattanooga rain. All in all, it was a wonderful, albeit short, holiday season.

I recently took a whole week off from CrossFit, and in the process allowed myself to eat the equivalent of my own weight in things I don’t normally, such as as breads, desserts, copious amounts of dairy (I am an expert at hunting for cream cheese chunks in dips), and lots of delicious beverages. I have to tell you though, I feel a lot better about it than I would have this same time last year. I think it’s because once you start eating routinely “clean,” as I strive to do, a few days here and there off the bandwagon are only going to result in temporary bloat and sluggishness. I worked out yesterday with (apparently) no ill effects of my nice long rest. Hooray! 🙂

So, as 2011 draws quickly to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year past and prepare for the new:

In 2011, I hit the one year mark of CrossFit Training, participated in my first two competitions, and became a Level-1 Trainer. In 2012, I plan on giving my all to my gym’s team effort to go to Regionals.

In 2011, I finally got over my fear of using double-pointed needles, and kicked butt at knitting socks. My knitting output in 2011 amounted to 3 hats, 2 shawls, 2.5 pairs of socks (one sock to go in 2012 for the pair!), 1 baby jacket, and 1 short-sleeved sweater. In 2012, in addition to some slippers, mittens, and a sweater that I want to make, my real goal is to attempt and master Fair Isle knitting, which is the type of detailed colorwork you see in order to get things like the snowflakes on a sweater, or very intricate designs. Wish me luck!

In 2011, I started getting more creative with my primal/paleo cooking. Mashed celeriac, paleo muffins, exploratory frittatas, and learning how to make coffee (what? it was new, ok!) were all “on the menu,” as it were. In 2012, I’m going to try and be better about making large batches of soup to freeze, and learn how to make poached eggs to serve on almond flour flatbreads.

There you have it, a year in three paragraphs! Last year right around this time is also when I started to journal/blog/love letter to my passions. In 2011, I created 42 posts (43, counting this current chat); in 2012, I hope to double that.

I think I said it best in a December 2010 post: “May your food be primal and delicious, your workouts be fulfilling and challenging, and your knit projects be snag-free!”

Here’s Cheers to a New Year! 🙂


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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