Well, When it Rains, it Pours

Oy, another month has nearly flown by since my last post. Judging from the tone of the previous one, I’m sure you could understand my silence a bit.

However, I think my mom would say that getting all that “out in the universe” must have helped my cause, and it would seem she may have been right. Within a few days of my last post, I was offered one position and was in the final interview stages of another. I asked to defer for a week for the one I was offered, because I really wanted the one I was still in the running for. And finally, after lots of worry and applications, interviews and and hand wringing…I got a job! Even better, I’ll be working at the same place that boyfriend does, so we can travel to work together, eat lunch in the cafeteria, etc. The company is a leader in the insurance industry, and I will be doing account management. It involves talking on the phone, multitasking, researching questions, and forming relationships with customers. All in all, it sounds right up my alley! I started last week, and training will be a while, but I am just so excited to be working again, in my own cube, that I don’t mind the hours of self-led computer-based training. Well, almost. 😛

My sister Sara was down visiting us earlier this week, and it was great having her here for a few days. We worked out together, drank some wine, played some Scrabble, and all in all got to be with each other, which is an occurrence unfortunately few and far between these days. We were chatting about when we would see each other next, and given that we live 17-hours apart (by car), it’s just a bummer to realize every time that it will always be a while until we see one another again. Next time Ian and I will have to go to Massachusetts!

In other news, yesterday was the second-annual “Barbells for Boobs” fundraiser at CrossFit. A national event, “Barbells For Boobs” raises money for mammograms and other screenings/treatments for women dealing with breast cancer. I really enjoy it because the money goes to women directly, and not to some faceless company for research, as important as that is as well. The workout itself is called “Grace”:

30 Clean and Jerks @95 lbs, for time

The super elite can do this workout in well under 2 minutes (yikes!). Last time I did “Grace” was back in June, and I finished in 5:10. My goal was to get at least 4:30. I managed to pull off 3:59, so I was wicked stoked. I love really short workouts like these, because every time I can easily identify areas to improve upon to go faster next time. For instance, I was able to get the first 8 or so unbroken this time around, but then I got a little confused about where my rep count was, and I lost it. I think next time if I can get the first set in 10 straight, then sets of 5 and 3 after, I might be able to hit 3:30 🙂

Lastly, as part of my gym’s big effort to improve our visibility in the area, we have created a commercial to run on local channels on weekends. What do you think?

Mafia V1 from Fitness Truth TV on Vimeo.


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One Response to Well, When it Rains, it Pours

  1. annie =) says:

    A commercial…CooL! It’ll be interesting to see the response CFBrigade gets.
    Keep us posted on that.

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