What. A. Bitch.

The workout was a bitch, I mean. Not a person. I don’t call folks out on the interwebs like that.

Today at CFCB we did a workout that came somewhere out of the cackling, crazy-ass, maniacal brain of one Adam Nelson, owner/head trainer/torturer extraordinaire. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know why he did it. All I know is that it involved everything I hate most in CrossFit (except for double unders; if he had added that as well my face would have exploded):

-and Waiting

…Waiting, of course, meaning waiting until the workout began (I was in the second heat, and had to watch ten minutes of other people in agony before I could begin), as well as WAITING IN THE FREAKIN’ WORKOUT ABFDJHPJHB{hdgn…!11!11111!!!!!!!1!1!

Ahem. Behold the evil:

21-15-9 alternating rounds of
-Thrusters @65lbs
-SDHP @ 65lbs
Wait 3 minutes, then:
-1000 m row
-50 wallballs @15 lbs
-30 burpees
Rx 19:51

Oh, the horror! The humanity! The…ok, well, I survived, so it can’t have been all that bad.

But seriously.

I was sweating on a non-sticky day unlike I have sweat for a looooong, long time.

I was doing the ol’ “bacon sizzle” post-WOD for realz, yo.

I had to do an errand after the gym and I went and sat in my car with the AC on full blast for like 10 minutes before I went into the store, just so that the other customers and the poor, poor store staff wouldn’t catch my stank of the day. It was that bad good.

In short: well played, Nelson. As my sister Sara said, not your “typical” CFCB workout; keep it up! My muscles will thank you (eventually, you know, when they can feel again).

Oh, and OH! PS: I’m still knitting, folks! I just finished one half of a two-part Christmas gift (yes, X-mas 2010, what’s it to ya?) so I can’t show you the finished product, but it’s warm and awesome and I might have to keep it for myself and not give it up make myself one in the coming months.

I’ll show both finished products soon!



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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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