Happy July Photo Smorgasbord

And the countdown officially begins…less than two months until the big move to Tennessee. Ian and I finally sent off our applications and fees to an apartment complex that we liked. It will mark the first time I’ve ever moved to a place without seeing it in person first, but we’ve heard good things about it, and there are a number of Ian’s colleagues who live/have lived there, so it must be just peachy 🙂

Most importantly, it has a pool 🙂 After hearing recently that it was already 100 degrees down there some days, suddenly a pool jumped to the top of my necessities list!

July is here, summer is here, and it’s times like these that make it hard to remember why I’m leaving Maine…

This is the view of Casco Bay from my front deck of my apartment. You can see the lovely ocean and many of the surrounding islands. I love the second photo as well, because way in the distance in the middle of the photo is a small, tiny gray tower. That is the power station in my hometown. I can see where I grew up across the ocean from where I live now! ;P

I’ve been cooking quite a bit (natch). Made some yummy chocolate, chocolate nib, almond flour, agave, honey…loaf…thing last night. Not sure what it really is, and no pictures, but it’s a very dense, brownie-loaf type deal, not too sweet, and perfect for a dessert craving. YUMMY!

Here are some photos of me actually doing some other cooking (and Ian was my sous chef):

Made this quite a while ago, so not sure exactly what was in it, but I think it was a frittata made with organic and free-range eggs (what am I going to do in Chattanooga without the easy convenience of Trader Joe’s? 😦 ), yogurt cheese (less lactose), onions, farmer’s market scallions and natural pork sausage, and black olives. Very delish.

T agrees (he has recently decided he loves egg yolk). He also likes to dress up, apparently:

And lastly, you know how I do this workout thing, you know, called CrossFit? I finally have a picture worth showing off! This was me in the middle of doing some snatch work (yeah, yeah, I’ve heard them all before :P). I think this weight was 85 lbs, but I worked up to 95. Next stop, over 100!

I feel like this picture, which makes me look massive and pasty, at least shows great form and the beautiful gym. Hooray for shots like this!

My sister Sara, who had been working and living up in Maine during the week over the past three months for her physical therapy schooling, just had her last day training and working at my CrossFit. Le sad. But my mom thought it the perfect opportunity to get in some sexay back shots of the three of us…

You know what they say: the family that CrossFits together, has shredded backs together! 🙂


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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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