The Good Life

I’ve noticed I rarely post photos, if at all, about my CrossFitting in action. I suppose that makes sense, since I am generally relying on the camera skills of others to do so, but man, I still need to get on that! I do work out, I swear!

Luckily, I can always just post more photos of food and good friends 🙂

Homemade paleo cashew chicken:

Remnants of crispy kale snacks:


A paleo feast for entertaining, comprised of yellow beets with a garlic/balsamic glaze, roast rosemary pork tenderloin, and celery root soup with leeks, turkey stock, and chili powder:

And of course, lovely food does not have to come out of my own kitchen! My sister Carly works for a non-profit called Orphan Support Africa, and they held a fundraiser in Mass. the other night. Most of my whole family showed up to show our support, open our wallets, and eat some yummy tapas (which was decidedly non-Paleo…oh well! ) 🙂

Good food, fun, friends….and wine. The good life indeed!


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