Free at last!

Hallelujah, oh happy day, and all that jazz, I am finished with my 11-hour days for another year!

The last couple of weeks have been brutal. I was off my diet quite a bit, eating sugar and grains and dairy and everything I am not supposed to be eating. I made it to the gym only twice in two weeks, and felt like crap when I was there. I was stressed, cranky, tired, and taking it out on my boyfriend.

But times change, as they always do, and I finally am back to an eight-hour workday.


I can’t even tell you how contented I am to be saying that. 🙂 And it shows: I went to my favorite 5:30 PM CrossFit class yesterday, and Trainer Neil immediately asked me if I was done with my long hours. He could tell I was relaxed and excited to be there; what a difference a day makes!

The consequences of not “living cleanly” recently are readily apparent to me, as although my weight hasn’t changed, and I am still able to do deadhang pullups, I’ve lost some of the tightness and definition around my stomach, arms, and thighs. Boyfriend thinks I’m cuckoo for saying this, of course, but I can really tell a difference in how my pants are fitting around my waist.

However, yesterday I did top the ladies’ board in the WOD, even without regular CrossFitting, so maybe taking some well-deserved time off did me good!

Detox this weekend, working away from sugar, and back to full Paleo by Monday.

I am pumped!!! 🙂


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