Ready for a change

I can feel it all around me. The need for something new, the need for change.

It’s not just the winter calling desperately for spring, however. It’s me, too; I need a change of pace. Or scenery. Or both.

Whichever form that comes in, I hope it comes soon. I am feeling stuck and immobile at the moment, and I need an impetus for movement.

But, speaking of movement…

Yesterday’s metcon at the gym was a burner, but I rocked it! I was so excited to do well, since the workout itself involved some burpees, which have been giving my shoulder trouble as of late. However, I just went slow on those and focused in on making up time where I excel, which is anything that involves legs:

METCON: Descending ladder 10-1 of Front Squat (95lbs) and Burpees

Rx Time: 8:45

I think one of the advantages I have for WODs like this is, beyond my massive thighs, I generally strategize by taking time to breathe as needed between sets, and thus this increases my chance of doing each set unbroken. Don’t know if it ultimately is the best plan, but seems to work for me at the moment!

The knitting is ambling along slowly still, but I have put in some good work on Laminaria, and hope to have it finished soon.

And lastly, nothing new on the cooking front, other than I had some amazing truffled creamed spinach at a local carnivore’s hotspot, The Grill Room, last week when boyfriend and I went for our V-Day meal. DELICIOUS. Almost as delicious as my hanger steak with beurre blanc. Yum.

Clearly I need to work on sauces to liven up my own dishes. Maybe that will be change enough, hmm? 😛


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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