Quickly, quickly, things to do, Superbowl food to make!

I know I’ve been pretty bad lately with the blogging, and I have no other excuse than I’ve continued to be busy at work. Not to mention that the SAD symptoms are running their course full force this year, with me especially grumpy and downright rude to friends and even total strangers. Not cool, embarrassing, and frankly, shameful. A nice walk in the sunshine today should help.

A bad thing that’s also come of all this (although I knew it would) is that my training has suffered for all my stress/work/temperament. I actually only went to the gym one time this week, my shoulder’s been bothering me since, and other than some tubing and a long walk after a snowstorm, I’ve been fairly inactive since my last post. Ultimately, I don’t think taking a week off here and there is terrible, and may in fact be beneficial, but it just means that all of my off days need to be spot on with diet and rest and stress and, well, they just weren’t. I’ve thrown in a few 24-hour fasts for good measure this week to counteract the lack of activity, and those seemed to have staved off any real water retention. Back the to gym tomorrow, hopefully!!

One nice thing is that Ian and I went to the mall yesterday to buy an obscene amount of new clothes, for both work and play, because we are slimming down to the point where we just look ridiculous in some of our current outfits. There’ll be a big donation bag of clothing to get rid of this spring!

Look, I’m dating a model!


We went out with friends for drinks, so I’d thought I try some bright red lipstick (and yes, T is, as usual, keeping an eye on things from the background!)

And finally with all these snowdays and a few chance weekend hours to myself, I am cranking out on Laminaria. Hopefully it will be done within a week 🙂

Bliss 🙂

Now I’m off to make enough deviled eggs to feed a small army. Have a great time watching the game, everyone!


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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