Knit happens

Hey all,

Nothing new to show today on Laminaria, but I’ve been busy elsewhere.

1. Busy in the kitchen…

Salsa Omelette


7-egg monster omelette (or, as I like to now call it, the MONSTLETTE), homemade salsa (avocado, red bell pepper, tomato, onion, salt, pepper, cumin, hot sauce, smoked chili powder), and sauteed mushrooms, cooked in butter. This, split between the two of us, filled our bellies for most of Sunday!

As a side note, we split a large pizza for a cheat three-ways with a friend of ours on Saturday night, and my tummy felt AWFUL the rest of the evening, as well as part of Sunday. Blech. My body is absolutely ready to let go of grains completely, I see, even if my brain maybe is not.

2. Busy getting my swole on….

…you know, no big deal, I only rowed 1000M in 3:56.3 the other day. And that was after I posted a new PR in my split jerk of 133lbs, 10lbs higher than my last PR. Baby what WHAT!

3. Busy adequately thanking my amazing boyfriend for surprising me today when I came home from work to a spotless house, roses, and taco salad for dinner (minus the taco, of course).  He also claims the bear actually got me the flowers (you’ll have to judge for yourself).

So pretty

Taco Salad, minus the taco

And lastly, busy getting knitting done! Behold a gifted request for my gym’s owner. He needs something to keep his head warm.

OF course, it wouldn’t be a gift fit for a CrossFitter without that little extra something… 🙂


About ahoytheship

A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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2 Responses to Knit happens

  1. annie =) says:

    Spectacular hat! Also going to try your paleo muffins. They sound lighter than mine, even when I make them properly! (I had been putting in too much mayo so that’s why they weren’t more fluffy like the first time I made them…DOH!!)

  2. andrea says:

    ha, you actually could put in the kettle bell on the hat. aweSome!
    loving the recipes you put on your blog; i’m writing down every one!

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