Hey all,

Not much new to say today, so just a quick update. In knitting news, in addition to Laminaria, I’m working on another special project that will be finished soon. It’s a gift, however, so I don’t want to risk it being seen by the recipient quite yet…

In other news, I’ve just registered FINALLY for my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer’s Certification! Woot! The cert will be March 19 and 20 down at CrossFit New England, which makes me excited because that gym is owned by two CrossFit Games-level athletes. I want to be like Heather Bergeron 🙂

It also makes me WICKED NERVOUS because I have a huge failure complex, when I feel like somehow I’ll be the first person ever to fail, and especially the first person I know who’s attempted it to fail…but le sigh. Calm yourself, Lissa, you’ll be fine…those garlic almond flour biscuits in the oven will make you feel better…

In other other news…no, that’s about it. Since this is such a short post, I’ll leave you with some non-Lissa content: the website of one Cassandra Forsythe. While she’s a bootcamp teacher, Ph.D, Nutritionist, weight lifter, and all around healthy lady, I really want you all to take a look at the recent nine-part series she did on heavy exercise and pregnancy. Cassandra recently had her first child, and continued to lift heavy and work hard throughout her pregnancy, much to the consternation of some (uninformed) people around her (read: people who don’t know jack about fitness). In addition to having a healthy and cutie pie daughter, she decided to interview nine of her friends and colleagues who also continued to kick ass and take names while pregnant. It’s a great read, illuminating on how differently pregnant women are treated today than in prior eras, and also heartening for one such as myself who someday plans on having babies. And not giving up CrossFit 🙂

Cassandra is proof that strenuous fitness can and should be a part of your life, and during all parts of your life. Even if you have to modify workouts from time to time or, say, in the third trimester of pregnancy, you should always go out hard and willing to work.



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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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