Post-Christmas Post

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope your day, whether it was Christmas, gearing up for Kwanzaa, or Saturday, was joyous and filled with love. I know mine was!

It was also filled with one of my favorite things, food: Mooma’s recipe crabmeat dip, with cream cheese and white wine; Mom’s eggs and sausages and decadent almond-flour biscuits in the morning; bacon-wrapped scallops; and of course, lots of chocolate. Primal it was not, our Christmas day, but that makes everything all the more worthwhile.

The one snag in the feasting was that boyfriend and I actually had to come home early, on account of a doggie allergen. As such, we missed the delicious, grass-fed roast and squash that my mom made for dinner. Sad news, but luckily momster was able to come over today bearing a gift of leftovers for our fridge, so we’ll still get to partake, even if a day late!

In light of, well, eating light after enduring the calorie-induced food coma most of us experience after any holiday, I’m picking some roast chicken that I made last week for a “healthy” chicken salad. Light on the mayo, dried cranberries, salt, pepper, a little rosemary, and some walnuts/pecans. It’s really inspired by mom’s recipe, but think the hint of rosemary adds a nice little twist.

Also, today I have created a new coffee table command center for the Laminaria shawl:

With all the instructions and notions I have going into use for this thing, I may be taking over the coffee table for some time!

It doesn’t look like much right now, but give me a few days and hopefully I’ll have something a little more exciting to share. I’m not much of a shawl person, so I’m making the “shawlette” version of this pattern, which can be used more like a scarf as well. It’s also smaller so hopefully it won’t take as long 🙂

You may also notice and think to yourself, “Why Lissa, those pictures are so crisp, so clear, and you must be the best photographer ever with such definition on the close-ups.” Santa was very nice to me and with a little help from that Jolly Old Elf, I braved the mall today and am now the proud owner of a Nikon D3000 camera. My photos are now coming to you in beautiful 14.2 mega pixels. YUMMMMMY!!!

Let’s see what Ted thinks:

Why T, look how this fantastic contraption can capture your expression, your beautiful green eyes, your delicate whiskers! I know you haven’t usually liked getting your picture taken in the past, but surely now, with the medium finally befitting your handsomeness, you must agree that cameras are pretty gee whiz?

Huh. Guess not. 😛


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A true-blood Mainer living and loving life through CrossFit, food, and fiber arts.
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